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Electric H2O Filtration and its affiliates have been producing industrial filtration systems for almost 30 years.  Electric H2O was created to provide factory-direct filters to cooling tower facilities and cooling water end-users worldwide.  The company sells filters to a broad range of customers, from small retail facilities requiring 100-200 tons of cooling, to large process chiller applications of 100,000 tons of cooling or more.  Our factory-direct business approach is designed to provide end-users with the highest quality filtration products at the lowest possible pricing.  Electric H2O is managed from its corporate and engineering headquarters in Westminster, Colorado (USA). 



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Did you know?

We recommend selecting a filtration system that is designed for a flow rate 5-10% of the cooling water recirculation rate or by calculating total cooling water system volume and dividing by either 60 or 48. This will determine the appropriate system turnover.



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